Renewal & Restoration Of Trademark

Trademark Registration is granted for duration of 10 years only. Every time a renewal application is filed and accepted by the Registrar of Trademarks, it shall be renewed for another period of 10 years. The renewal application should be filed before the expiry of trademark. However, if a renewal application is not filed before the expiry of trademark, it may be removed by the Registrar of Trademarks. In this case, an application for restoration and renewal shall be filed within 1 year time of expiry.

Process For Renewal & Restoration

Fill our Simple form and provide us the Documents mentioned in the form.

Based on the time periods mentioned above, we will file your renewal or restoration application of your Trademark with the TM Authority.

We will Track your application and Update you from time to time.

Once your Trademark is Renewed for another 10 Years, we will intimate you.


Renewal Of Trademark

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If you renew your trademark before the expiry of 10 Yearsp

Restoration Of Trademark

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In case your trademark has expired and you want to restore it

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