A trademark is a visual symbol, which may be a word, name, device, label or numerals used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different business. Trademark is the valuable asset of each company as it is linked to their products and consumers can decide to buy products just based on the trademark. Therefore, trademark must be distinctive for each company so that consumers can distinguish a specific product of a company from others. Through trademark registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from using the same.

For example, the logo of PEPSI is a registered trademark and owned by PepsiCo. It provides them protection against it’s illegal use by other person.


Procedure For Trademark Registration

Fill our Simple Questionnaire

You just need to fill our simple questionnaire which requires some basic details about your Business and Trademark.

Trademark Search and Assigning Appropriate class

In this process we will check the availability of your brand name or logo and identify an appropriate TM class out of the 45 TM classes depending on nature of your business.

Filing of Trademark Application with the TM Authority

We will prepare and file your Trademark Application with the TM Authority and TM number will be intimated to you.


₹ 5699

Select this Plan

For Registration under one class, Govt. fees included


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for Registration under two class

Advantages For Trademark Registration

  • Legal Protection- Only owners of registered trademarks are entitled the right to sue for damages when infringement arises.
  • Unique Identity-Branding your goods and services is only possible if your trademark is registered.
  • Trust or Goodwill-Registered trademarks can be useful to a business in creating a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer.
  • Business Opportunity– A trademark registration makes the trademark known across the nation and becomes searchable in the trademark database. This creates the opportunities for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Company name is already registered under the Companies Act. Why should I go for trademark registration of my company name/trade name ?

Registration of Company Names, Business Names or Domain Names do not provide ownership or a monopoly right in a name as do trademark registrations.

Why to Register a Trademark ?

Securing your unique name, word, tagline, symbol or logo is one of the most important investments for your business. You need to apply for protection of your Brand name so that others could not benefit from your investments. By registering it, you can obtain a full right over a trademark.

What is the validity of a Trademark ?

It is valid for a limited period of time i.e. for 10 years. But it is renewable.

You just need to pay the fee for trademark renewal every 10 years.

What is the Trademark Class ?

he Indian Trademark Registry has classified 45 classes (classes 1 to 34 cover goods, and 35 to 45 services). Depending on the nature of business, one has to choose the class out of these classes

Can Trademark can be registered only in one class?

NO, a trademark can be registered in more than one class.

What are the different trademark symbols?

‘TM’ Symbol
TM is the most common word which is being used frequently by owners of the brand. This is to inform the public of his exclusive claim over the brand.

A TM number is assigned by trademark department within 1-2 days of submission of application. After this, you can use the symbol TM with your brand until your Brand is registered.

‘SM’ Symbol
It is also a kind of trademark known as Service Mark, but it identifies and distinguishes the service rather than a product.

For example, you will use TM for a product and SM for a service.

‘R’ Symbol
This symbol is only applicable for your brand when the mark is being registered and the Certificate of Registration is issued by the Trademark Registrar.

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