Patent Registration

A patent is a right granted to an individual or enterprise by the government that excludes others from making, using, selling or importing the patented product or process without prior approval. A patent is usually granted to an inventor to protect its invention. An invention implies a new product or process involving creativity and applied to or capable of industrial application.

The invention can be anything such as process, art, method to manufacture, particular apparatus, machine, computer software, technical application, chemicals or drugs.


What you do

ll you need to do is complete our simple questionnaire and provide your basic information which will be required while filing for patent registration

What We do

After receiving all the documents and information from your side, we will draft your Patent application and file the patent application with the Indian Patent office.

What you get

After submitting all the Documents we will mail you the Acknowledgement received from the Indian Patent office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be patented?

It can be any invention related to work, manufacturing, the machine, process, computer software or any other which was never introduced to the public before.

What information do I need to provide?

The details of the invention on a CD or pen drive, along with its name, comparison with existing products, uses and date of publication (if any). Applicant information is also required.

What is the validity of patent?

Patent registration lasts for 20 years from the date of filing the provisional or permanent patent. After that, it would fall under public domain.

If a patent is granted in India does it mean that it will protect my invention outside India as well?

A patent granted in India is applicable only in India i.e. a patent owner cannot exercise his rights outside India. If the patent owner wants to get protection in countries outside India then they can apply for the same in other countries within 12 months of getting a patent in India.

What are the types of patent applications?

There are 5 types of patent applications. They are:

  • Provisional application
  • Complete application
  • Convention application
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty – International application
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty – National application

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