Company/ LLP Name Change

A company/LLP is an artificial person which gets its separate and legal identity through its name.

Reasons for a Company Name Change

  1. The main reason for Company name change is mergers and acquisitions. When two companies become one, they have to adopt one of the old names, combine the two or develop a new name.
  2. Times change and business changes with them, whenever a company recognises that the landscape of the industry changes it might have to change its core business and with it its name.
  3. Due to Change of Competitive Position- Modernisation, or further development of Corporate Identity.
  4. Some people want to change the name of the company to align the name with the business activities of the company.


What you do

Just fill our Simple Questionnaire in which you just have to fill the basic details of your business and you have to mention minimum 1 and maximum 6 proposed names for your company.

What We do

We will file Form INC 1 and other Forms for approval of Name with the Registrar. A minimum of one and a maximum of six proposed names must be submitted to the MCA.

What you get

After 7-10 working days, you will get the Certificate from Registrar of Companies confirming the Change in Name of the Company.


Change In Name Of The Entity
₹ 6,999

Select this Plan
  • This package includes:Board Resolution for change of Name clause of MOA of the CompanyBoard Resolution for Notice of EGM of the Company.Notice of EGM with explanatory Statement.Special Resolution for alter of  name clause of MOA.Altered MOA & AOA.Minutes of the members meeting (EGM).If change of name is due to change in main activity of the company, a certificate from chartered accountant regarding turnover details from new activity should be enclosed.MCA Fees shall be additional on actual basis.

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