Convert Public Limited Company to Private Limited Company

A Public Limited Company, legally known as PLC, is a publicly held company. It is a limited company whose shares can be traded with the public. PLC can be listed or not listed in the stock exchanges. PLC requires a minimum of 3 Directors as a prerequisite.

A Private Limited Company is the most popular type of business entity and has global recognition. In a private limited company minimum number of members is two and maximum number is two hundred. The maximum number of directors shall have to be mentioned in the Articles of Association.

Advantages of Private Limited Company

  1. It can start business immediately after incorporation, no certificate to commence is required but in a public company it is necessary to have a certificate to commence business.
  2. A private company collects the requisite capital by private arrangement and does not invite the general public to buy its shares by the issue of a prospectus, it may allot shares without following the formalities of a public company.
  3. A private company, unlike a public company may pay remuneration to directors and managerial staff or appoint any one to an office for profit.
  4. It may grant loans to directors without the consent or approval of the central govt.

5. The control and management is generally in the hands of the owners of capital which is not so in a public company.

Process for Conversion

What you do

You just need to fill our simple form regarding the basic details of business activities of the Company and also provide the KYC of all the Directors.

What We do

Our Team will be preparing all the documents and shall file with ROC for Conversion of Public Limited Company to Private Limited Company.

What you get

After ROC Approval, you will receive the Certificate Confirming the successful Conversion of your Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the change of name of company have any affect?

The change of name on conversion will not affect any rights or obligations of the company and any legal proceedings by or against the company, which was commenced in its former name, can be continued under its new name.

What are the legal formalities after the conversion takes place?

The following main points must be taken care of after the Public Limited is converted to Private Limited:

  1. New PAN card in the name of the company
  2. Update bank details

Do I need to be physically present for the Completion of this process of Conversion?

All the documents are filed in electronic form and there is no need of any physical presence.

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